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Meet the innovative tool for faster, more efficient, and safe transferring of frozen cryovials and tubes.

How are you handling your cryovials?

Damaging the biological material can cost you a lot of money. CryoHolder is made specially to eliminate every risk that comes with transferring frozen biological material.

What can go wrong by using these methods:

• Cryovials easily fall off
• Process is slow
• Biological material can thaw
• No dexterity
• Frostbites on fingers
• Hard to pick up a vial

About the CryoHolder

The CryoHolder is a unique tool on the market that enables you quick, more efficient, and safe transfer of frozen cryovials. The tool is made out of aluminium so it can withstand big temperature changes; from -196 °C in liquid nitrogen up to 121 °C in the autoclave. The tool is compatible with all major cryovial types.

Please visit the official CryoHolder website:

How it works

Compatible with different types of cryovials

The tool comes in two different models, each compatible with many different cryovial manufacturers. In the table below, you can find all the different types of cryovials the CryoHolder is compatible with. The two types of CryoHolder we manufacture are distinguished by different top colors, red and blue.

If you can't find your cryovial provider on the list, please contact us and we will find a solution for you.

Lablogica article codeDescriptionMaterialSterilityPackaging
Cryoholder CCryoholder type C, blue capAluminiumNo1 pcs
Cryoholder TCryoholder type T, red capAluminiumNo1 pcs